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Student Reminder Calling Service

Sending student reminder phone calls can now be performed automatically using technology developed by Database Systems Corp. (DSC).

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has been in business since 1978 and is a recognized leader in providing the latest software products and computer technology. These products include voice broadcasting systems that are used to send automatic phone reminders.

DSC also provides message broadcasting services at our own managed call center utilizing this advanced technology. These phone services are ideally suited for schools that need to send reminders to students and school faculty.

Sending telephone reminders to students is now a much easier task for school administrators and coaching staffs. Student reminders for such events as social engagements, enrollment deadlines or sport contests and practices can be automatically sent to all or part of the student assembly using our call processing services.

Managing a student reminder phone program is easy and can be done online or by phone. Simply record your student reminder message using our 800 phone service. Next specify the list of students who are to receive this message. This list can be built offline and can be stored for later use. Then simply push the "Start" button on our online administrative screen or use our 800 phone service to send the student reminder calls.

Contact DSC or visit our School Calls website to learn more about our student reminder services.

Register Online For Student Reminder Service

Setting up your own student reminder service is easy. DSC provides an online signup for schools and other non-profit organizations. Setup fees are waived and the basic monthly fees are reduced if you use this convenient method to register your school.

To register online, click on the online registration image to the right.

Using our school notification service is easy and secure. Just create one or more lists of call recipients offline and upload these list to your online account at DSC's website. Phone messages can be easily recorded using our 800 number service that lets you save numerous messages.

Once you've signed up for our service, here's all you need to do.

  • Create and save one or more list(s) of call recipients.
  • Record your phone message (either offline or using our 800 number).
  • Push "Start" broadcast button.

Los Angeles Mission College

"Los Angeles Mission College serves the educational needs of our neighbors in the San Fernando Valley. Throughout our 30-year history, community support and involvement has been one of Mission College's most valued resources. We invite you to be part of Mission College! ." -

The LA Mission College uses our call center services to send automatic school call reminders to its students several times a year. These phone messages focus on the upcoming semester and remind students of the dates and times to complete their enrollment.

Student Wake-up Calls

Truancy rates are on the rise at many school districts. DSC has developed the technology to call habitually late students or students who do not show up for classes. Parents can likewise be automatically called when their child misses a class. student wake-up calls

A student wake-up calling program automatically contacts selected students with a wake-up message. If the student does not answer the call or respond positively, a parent or guardian can be notified. Likewise, the school can be sent a notification message.

This same technology can be used to call parents of students who do not show up for classes.

Student Reminders and Calling Services

The following are some of the applications and features of our student reminder services:

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Contact DSC to learn more about our student reminder calling services.