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School Activity Announcements

When planning school activities, it is important to send notifications to parents, students, teacher and faculty announcing the activity including the type of program, date, time and location.

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) has developed the technology to automatically broadcast school phone messages using our automated calling service. Calls are automatically delivered to all parties involved in the activity at an affordable price. These phone messages can be simple call notifications of school events or meetings. School calls can also be emergency school alerts and warnings.

Contact DSC or visit our School Calls website to learn more about our school activity calling services.

Register Online For School Activity Notification Services

Notifying school groups of activities and events could never be easier using technology from DSC. DSC provides an online signup for schools and other non-profit organizations. Setup fees are waived and the basic monthly fees are reduced if you use this convenient method to register your school.

To register online, click on the online registration image to the right.

Using our school notification service is easy and secure. Just create one or more lists of call recipients offline and upload these list to your online account at DSC's website. Phone messages can be easily recorded using our 800 number service that lets you save numerous messages.

Once you've signed up for our service, here's all you need to do.

  • Create and save one or more list(s) of call recipients.
  • Record your phone message (either offline or using our 800 number).
  • Push "Start" broadcast button.

School Activity Notification Services

The following are some of the applications and features of our school activity calling services:

  • Contact Parents Of Missing Or Late Students
  • Send Immediate Campus Alerts To Students and Faculty
  • Contact School Administrators For Volunteers
  • Easy School Messenger Service
  • Reach Everyone for Special Events
  • Communicate Meeting or Sports Event Cancellation
  • Call PTA Members
  • Announce School Activities and School Events
  • Send School Reminders To Team Members For Meetings and Practices
  • Coordinate with School Volunteers
  • Save Time Making Calls Using School Dialer
  • Report Missing Students To Parents
  • Broadcast Emergency School Calls In The Event Of A Disaster
  • Send Substitute Teacher Requests
  • Send Wake-up Calls To Consistently Tardy Students
  • Contact School Board Members For Special Meetings
  • Replaces Manual School Phone Tree Contact Program
  • Broadcast Student Calls for Enrollment Scheduling Announcements
  • Contacting New Members For Orientation
  • Send Parent Calls Announcing School Closures
  • Send Automated School Fund Raising Notices

Call Us Today

Contact DSC to learn more about our school activities calling services.